How user experience is driven by great content

by UX Blog Team

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, user experience can make all the difference between winning conversions or losing customers to your rivals.

UX helps to shape the way search engines like Google view your website, and happy visitors who spend longer browsing your pages can help your website to perform better among search engine results pages.

It’s easy to assume that UX boils down to your website’s design and usability, but its content plays a significant role in building a positive experience for your visitors. Engaging text can prevent bouncebacks and solve the problems of prospective customers in a way that can build brand loyalty.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the many ways in which UX is driven by great content:

People remember how you made them feel

According to Single Grain, the world of UX is built on how businesses can make customers feel, as opposed to the types of service they receive. This can apply to the products you sell and their packaging – as well as the content you supply.

There are plenty of ways in which you can improve your UX through content designed to make users feel good. In the age of AI, it’s possible to deliver personalised content to visitors based on how cookies interpret their browsing preferences.

Furthermore, free content to support newsletter opt-ins like eBooks and how-to guides can single-handedly make customers feel more rewarded for their loyalty and interest.

Evergreen content can make the incorporation of freebies much easier, and if you can cover a subject where content is unlikely to find itself out of date within a year, this can be an exceptional UX-boosting way of guiding new customers towards your funnel.

Good content is the cornerstone of good UX

If on-site usability forms the foundation of your business, great content is the cornerstone.

Just because your website loads in less than a second and has the easiest menu system to navigate online, it doesn’t mean you can expect visitors to stick around. Graphics and design only get you so far. Be sure to craft content – whether it’s text-based or multimedia – that’s capable of entertaining your visitors and informing them ahead of deciding to make a purchase.

Retail websites like ASOS and Mr Porter have mastered the art of building alluring websites to attract visitors as well as engaging content that will keep them browsing their pages for hours.

By producing engaging content that encourages users to stick around, you’re helping to limit the bouncebacks your site receives – letting Google’s crawlers understand that your pages are worthy of higher SERPs.

Remember to craft valuable content at all times

Google is so powerful that it’s hard to get anywhere online without attempting to appeal to the search engine.

Remember that most people using Google are looking to get answers to questions or queries. The best performing content on Google tends to anticipate the questions that users are asking and answers them accordingly.

For the best UX, be sure to build content that looks to answer the questions that users may have. This helps to reward them when they navigate onto your pages. Make sure you use keywords wisely to help bring more visitors to your website too. However, try to avoid spamming your keywords in a click-bait manner – this will only generate bouncebacks.

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