Top 10 UX Design Inspiration Sites to Follow in 2020

by UX Blog Team

UX design is a job where innovation is constantly needed. Different ages now have their certain website designs affiliated with them. If I say “a site from the 1990’s,” we all know the websites I’m talking about.

With us moving quickly away from cheesy wallpapers and comic sans, coming up with new designs consistently can be difficult. We all need inspiration from time to time, so we’d like to give you the UX design sites that will inspire you to make the next great website!

1. Pinterest

It may be cliche, but Pinterest is where a lot of creative people have flocked to for inspiration. There are seemingly endless ideas being posted constantly on Pinterest for UX design.

There are several areas on Pinterest dedicated to the art, in fact, which makes it extremely easy to navigate and find what you want. The more people pin and follow, the more ideas will come up daily for you to springboard into your next project.

Visit Pinterest

2. Dribbble

Dribbble is a place where professionals post their design ideas and it’s free to look through them! They have a great sorting system, so you can look for the type of user experience you want to provide it.

Dribbble promises high quality and they ensure everything on their site is by making it so that only people who are approved by Dribbble can upload their ideas. You can always apply to be a content creator for them, or you can just scroll through and take in the sights.

Visit Dribbble

3. Mobbin

Mobbin is a more specialized market for UX design. They only focus on the mobile market and more specifically the IOS market. Being so niche though gives them the leg up when it comes to other sites. They draw in great designers for IOS specifically!

Granted, this doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing ideas for any mobile platform here. Mobbin lets you look through existing and custom-designed mobile user experiences. Sometimes the best ideas come from looking at the old to find the new.

Visit Mobbin

4. Behence

This UX design inspiration site doesn’t just focus on websites. It displays photography, illustrations, and much more! It is said that designers can find inspiration from anywhere, and Behence has a lot of inspiration to give.

If you need your breath taken away, browse around Behance a bit, and you can guarantee to find something that’s one of a kind.

Visit Behance

5. Uplabs

From Cryptocurrency to cats, Uplabs has a large library of ideas for IOS, Android, and your standard websites. They have a handy subscription option also which lets you download as much premium content as you want from their site.

The premium subscription will set you back $8.50 per month, but it could save you money in the long run if you’re loving this site as much as other UX designers do!

Visit Uplabs

6. Awwwards

Awwwards has a different way of finding the best of the best. They have a competition that anyone can submit a website for to win an award from their site. They also display a website of the day, month and year.

This means that new sites are being posted daily, and they are the best of the best. The sites that are on Awwwards are simply amazing. They have a scoring system for each site that’s been submitted, and it means that only the best sites in the world are featured here.

Visit Awwwards

7. Pttrns

Pttrns feels a bit more like a site that you would buy 1990’s computer parts from, but don’t worry, they have a lot of great ideas in their database!

They have a lot of designs to sort through, and you could spend all-day on this site finding great ideas. They are limited to phone UX design, but they aren’t a bad place to go for that extra bit of motivation.

Visit Pttrns

8. Lapa.Ninja

Lapa.Ninja is probably the most comprehensive site when it comes to UX design that we’ve brought up. They have classes on how to design, they have websites to go to make you a better designer, and they have beautiful designs to choose from.

They have a free and a paid section for design but feel free to take in the sites on You can click through and get a full array of every piece of the designs they offer.

Visit Lapa.Ninja

9. Sitesee

Sitesee is another site with great designs, but they are unique in that they have their own browser extension. What the extension will do is provide you UX design ideas on your home page every time you log in!

This means that every time to open up your browser to do work, inspiration is just waiting for you. It will change your home page background frequently to keep the creative juices flowing, and they have a vast library if you want to do something more manual.

Visit Sitesee

10. OnePageLove

OnePageLove has a one of a kind demoing system where you can look through a test site with their designs implemented. They want to ensure that you love it before you buy it, and they have succeeded.

With their professional team of reviewers, the quality of each UX design on this site is top-notch. Whether it’s apps or websites, check out OnePageLove for some astonishing content.

Visit One Page Love

UX Design for the Future

Since we are on the cutting edge of technology and moving forward at lightning speed, we need constant ideas. These ten sites are the best we’ve found for great ideas that are moving the industry of UX design forward.

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